Saturday, December 11, 2010

Land of the Painted Caves

The Good News: Land of the Painted Caves, the latest in the Jean Auel caveman books, will be published on March 29 of next year.
The Bad News: They all turn into vampires.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Strange Things Come in Twos

I get summoned to people’s computers pretty often. Most of the time it’s to help print, or attach resumes to emails. Pretty basic stuff. Occasionally, children need help getting to games that they will find amusing. Twice today, though, I was summoned to the public intarwebs for a request I don’t think I’ve ever gotten. Both people, who were here hours apart and presumably did not know eachother, wanted to access documents on their computers at home. Neither had any special software installed on their computers at home that would allow one to remote to them.

"So how do I get my resume off my computer at home?" one guy asked, as though he were asking how to launch Microsoft Word or peel an orange. Even more disturbingly, he told me, as a means of locating his document more efficiently, that his resume was in the Recycle Bin.

It's easy to guess the punch line. In both cases, I was the idiot because I did not know how to perform this simple task.