Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The late lamented Dewey Decimal System

Our library catalog is maybe not the easiest one to master. So I look up a lot of books and movies for people, which is fine. (Except for the Djooguysguts and other miscreants.) And some people just don't like computers and don't want to learn, which if fine, too, unless they want to complain about how stupid computers are, which, even if true, is like getting mad at self-check at grocery stores. Some people even talk about missing the old card catalog, which I miss, too, and can be roped easily into a conversation about the good old days. But I got a different spin on that today when a patron asked for help finding the Jewelry Making section.
"I wish you guys still used the card catalog and the Dewey Decimal system," she opined. We were standing in the 700's by then.
"Um...we still use the Dewey Decimal system."
"No you don't."
I gave her a weak smile and asked if she needed anything else. I was dismissed.

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Dances With Keyboards said...

I have had this customer at least 10 times during my career.

I also have to explain once ever second or third day that no, we don't file DVDs under "The." You should see the intrigued expressions I get after I explain that the whole collection would be shelved under "T," or "A" (A and And). Maybe we should shelve everything under "D" for "Duh."