Saturday, April 11, 2009

If Only We Carried Time Machines at the Library

Patron comes in on Friday for a program at 2pm. The only problem is, there IS NO program at 2pm. Patron insists. Patron says the information is online. She got it from a friend. My colleague and I show that we are doing everything humanly possible to track down some information and magically generate a program. It's supposed to be for the storytelling festival. I rack my brain. Do I know stories? Can I tell stories? Panic! It's an event for grown-ups and all I can do is a puppet presentation of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Patron makes an off-hand comment which is supposed to sound like it's not a big deal, but really it intends to make us feel guilty and ashamed: "Well, I didn't have to come too far, because I live nearby, but my friend who was going to join me here would have been driving clear from the other side of town, except for that she just called me 5 minutes ago to say she isn't coming." First, I'm thinking that the friend was kind of a jerk to stand up her friend at the last minute. Second I'm coaching myself, "Don't...take...on...guilt. Not...your...fault." It's the Protestant in me that wants to feel guilty I guess.

So my colleague shows me the online advertisement for the event, and sure enough, 2pm at the Tualatin Library. We continue to stutter and stall and wonder aloud for a few minutes, feeling frustrated at how stupid we look. Then I catch one important detail, typed at the top of the webpage. It's a press release, and you got it! It's dated April 10, 2007. So I laughed and pointed at the patron and said, "HA HA, YOU WERE WRONG! IT WASN'T US, HA HA! NO MISTAKE ON OUR PART! THE MISTAKE IS YOURS, MADAME!" Well, not really. In reality, we all lightly chuckled about it, and I kind of cringed for her, and then she slipped away as quickly as she could. If I were her, I'd dump her friend, for sending her old event info AND standing her up. But what do I know.

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