Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh, so that's what it means

I was helping a patron place holds for knitting books. While running the catalog through its paces, she mentioned that one of our knitting books that she had taken out recently had had pages cut out of it. We talked briefly about the barbarity of cutting up library books. She said that she thought that, to her, cutting up a library book was like vivisection. Then she leaned in and, all sotto voce, told me that vivisection meant "when they cut up animals." By the way, sotto voce means when you talk in a low, soft voice that unlikely to be overheard by others. And condescending means when you talk down to somebody.


beth said...

I don't think that vivisection is limited to animals. You should've tried doing one on her. Just to make sure you fully understood.

Anonymous said...

I worked at a library once and spent a year repairing books. It blew me away how common it was to find books that had pages cut out.

Dances With Keyboards said...

Or the ones that will spell words for you light "lighthouse" and "sleep disorder," but not the names of obscure authors who spell their names weirdly to get more attention.