Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Weekend Dangers of the Fool’s Errand

Within minutes of the end of various cooking shows on public TV, a certain patron will call and shanghai us into finding her the recipes. It's not always exotic stuff, either. This past weekend it was, among other things, garlic mashed potatoes (Tip for all you would-be chefs: it includes garlic and potatoes). It's a pain in the butt because she doesn't always remember what show it was and what the name of the thing she wants to cook was. Some of these things are also only in pay sites. If I were smarter, I would just look at the listings and then not answer the phone when they are done. I hope she doesn't ever get cable that includes the Cooking Channel. Although if she does and a recipe she wants is from a Paula Dean program, I could probably make it all up. Just lots of melted butter, cheese and fried pork products.

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