Thursday, February 11, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure, IntarWebz version

You see a deskslave with a handful of signs that say “IntarWebs Busted” or somesuch. He is slowly making his way down the long bank of Publik IntarWebs Komputars, taping the signs to the screens. He is about halfway down the line. All of the computers behind him have a sign on them. Those before him do not. None of the screens are on.

If you want to walk up to the deskslave and bellow loudly your demand to know exactly when the IntarWebs shall be restored to their glory, turn to page 17.

If you want to walk up to an already-postered computer, sit down, pull off the sign and try your luck with a dead computer, turn to page 24.

If you want to walk up to an as-yet unpostered computer, sit down and get angry that, since there is not a sign on this computer at this very moment, this particular computer should be working just fine, turn to page 39.

If you want to suggest running Norton Utilities, turn to page 50.

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