Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What? No More Cookery?

Did you hear the big news? (You probably have. I'm always the last to find out anything.) LC has chucked the Cookery subject heading into the dustbin of history, there to molder with such subject headings from yesteryear as "The Yellow Peril" and "The Jewish Question." Cookery was not as offensive as those, of course, but still it was useless. My favorite adjectival heading in Cookery was the one for Indian food. You want an Indian cookbook? No problem, just search under "Cookery, Indic" and it'll pop right up. (You're welcome.) It combined the sublime uselessness of "cookery" with the willful obscurantism of "Indic" to ensure that nobody could find anything. So, goodbye cookery!

And now on to another one I hate. It's not as big a deal as cookery, but it is ridiculous. You know what a longshoreman is, don't you? Of course you do. LC doesn't. Or at least pretends it doesn't, preferring to use the antique "stevedores." Stevedore? Really? The only time I think I ever saw the word in print outside of the big ugly red LC books was in the Kafka story of the same name. So all you important people at OCLC who read this blog, change it, will ya?

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