Saturday, November 6, 2010

A New Place in the Library

We recently began collecting wii games. They are popular, as you might imagine. So popular, in fact, that the only shelf any of them have ever been on has been the holds shelf. As soon as they are checked in, they are off to the next patron.

Even so, people want to know where the games are. I dutifully walk them over to this theoretical place and show them where the games would be if any of them ever decline in popularity enough to not have any holds. It's a bummer of a task, since, even though I prepare people for the disappointment, they are invariably disappointed all out of proportion to what has just happened.

In any event, I thought of a name for this imaginary part of the library, the wii section: The Unicorn Stable.

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shushie said...

Yes, THIS! Since we started carrying video games across several different consoles nearly 3 years ago, the shelving area that they are to go on when checked in has been completely empty.
I will overhear patrons talk, "Sure, they're rumored to exist, but have you actually ever seen one?"
It's the library's own Twilight Zone...