Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Frequently Heard at Deskslave Central

Neither the federal nor state solons have graced us with tax forms yet. So I get to have a variation of the following conversation several times a day now:

Caller. Do you have tax forms yet?
Me. No.
Caller. Why not?
Me. They haven't arrived yet.
Caller. When are they getting there?
Me. I don't know.
Caller. Why not?
Me. They don't tell us, they just show up.
Caller. How am I supposed to do my taxes?
Me. I don't know.

Actually I try to be a little nicer than that. I genuinely feel sorry for people who haven't discovered the miracle of licensed tax preparers. I think they are better than most healthcare professionals when it comes to improving the quality of people's lives. I used to do my own, but I think I probably save money having somebody who is not, you know, clueless doing my taxes.


shushie said...

This is probably 15% of the calls and walk up questions right now.

So far we've only received instructions for 1040EZ and Schedule D, which I haven't put out because I think it will only cause more of a headache. I think my boss was convinced that I had flaked and not ordered the forms so I wrote the IRS and they said the hold up was the prez signing that Tax Relief act on 12/17, which delayed printing or caused some forms to be reprinted. With some forms they have a projected delivery date of mid-Februrary :/

DeskSlave said...

February? Yikes! It's gonna get ugly!

HM said...

Tax season+full moon= the perfect storm of chaos at the library. Blerg.