Friday, July 27, 2007

I need this specific book, but I don't know the title, author, or what it's about

A boy came up to the desk several weeks ago and asked if we had the book they talked about on the Today Show. He said the title was Stormbird and the author was an asian girl. I searched all over our library catalog, The Today Show website,, and couldn't find any reference to this book. I took his library card #, hoping that continued searching would yield some result. After some days, though, I gave up hope and forgot about it. Fast forward a few weeks, and a different patron comes up to the desk and asks to place a hold on a recent book club book from Good Morning, America. The book, she said, is called Swordbird. Ding ding ding! That sounds all too familiar. I do a happy dance that the mystery is solved, then realize I no longer have the original boy's name or library card #. You see, that's what you do when you give up hope. You destroy the evidence that you ever tried, and you shred the patron's barcode number too. But don't worry, I wouldn't even be telling this story if not for the Happy Ending: I was just cleaning at my desk and found a post-it note that reads "storm bird" "[patron's barcode]" "by young asian girl fiction". YES! Hold placed, patron happy, me happy. All is well in library land.

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