Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Adsense nonsense

So I signed this blog up for Googles Adsense program, or whatever they're calling it. Not that I expect to get rich blogging, but I'd like to eventually like to transfer this over to my own domain, so I was kinda hoping that the ad might generate some simoleons. I know, not gonna happen. Only three people read this (thanks for that, by the way) and the ad doesn't get clicked too often. ANYWAY, Adsense is supposed to analyze your content and push a relevant ad through. Which is why I was surpised to see this one:

Any thoughts?


flux said...

i agree the ads are nonsense..

beth said...

are you able to track subscribers? I never hit the site but am happy to see updates in my feed reader. OR maybe I'm one of your two or three Faithful Readers..

aikenhead said...

Beth (837H)--I can't really track subscribers to the rss. Not that I know of through blogger, anyway. I subbed with bloglines and found out that I was the only one doing that. There are three hardy souls who subscribe through google readah.

Thanks for the comment, Flux! I think you are the only reader I don't actually know personally! What a thrill!