Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm not sure what it was

Maybe it was Mr. Helpless, whom you have met before, who told me all about the heating in his home and how he has disagreements with his dad about it. (He said "dad." I'm a little annoyed by people who say things like "I told dad..." when they are not my sibling.) Keeping in mind that the guy is probably in his mid fifties, it was disturbing as well as boring.

Maybe it was when Mr. Helpless came back proudly bearing some printouts he'd made of different traffic cam shots. Who would print a traffic cam shot? Unless there is a UFO or bigfoot or compassionate conservative or other mythical entity in the shot, that is.

Maybe it was when the lunatic lady who prints dozens of gigantic, server-choking genealogy lists every time she sits at a computer that she never actually wants to pay for or even own and which have to be deleted causing a cascade of failures in our fragile network showed up and started doing her sad thing.

Maybe it was the blood-pressure-spiking attitude I got from the effete young men I kicked off the grownup internet for being loud and underage.

But for some reason I'm just not...I dunno...feeling fulfilled in my job today.

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