Monday, June 2, 2008


In my day, said the curmudgeonly DeskSlave, we had a perfectly good phrase: On the Shelf. If we had your book/CD/Movie/What-have-you, it was said to be "on the shelf."
"Do you have the Sue Grafton book G is for Gotta Get Me a New Gimmick Goddammit?" the patron would say.
After consulting with the catalog and finding it in the Checked In status, we would say, "Yes, that should be on the shelf. Let me show you where that is."
No any more. Now it's more like, "Is M is for Making Many More Millions in stock?"
In Stock? What are we, Blockbuster? Well, sadly, for a lot of people, yes, I reckon we are. So they wouldn't call and ask for a book, come to think of it. It'd be some horrid movie.

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