Friday, June 5, 2009

Grammar Nazi Fail

So in this book

They got all strict with the title's construction. In deciding not to split infinitives, which I think is silly. (I probably should have written "to not split," but I think you get my meaning.) As a result, the title could suggest that the book is about the superior ways one might die. So I think it should have been "How to not die" instead. What do you think, dear reader? (I put that in the singular because I think I only have one reader.)

I must also point out the author is referred to as "America's Favorite Medical Examiner," which seems a little farfetched. Like I'm going to turn to my dearly beloved and say, "honey, if I die under suspicious circumstances, would you make sure that Jan Garavaglia is the one who slices me open, removes and weighs my organs and does all that other icky stuff to my viscera? She's my favorite!"


amd said...

"how to not die" sounds less awkward and is clearer - double win. and, um... I'm glad those are both relative statements because it's still a pretty bad title?


beth said...

Look at you with the massive dual readership.

That title is terrible, and sticking it on a toe tag is even worse.

DeskSlave said...

Yikes Beth, I didn't even think of Toe Tag. That's horrible!

Thanks both of you for commenting! I have three readers!