Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Tawdry Experiment Begins

The teen walked by happily, displaying a gold-colored coin.
"The machine gave me a Sacagawea!" he said excitedly. Or I think that's what he said. It sounded more like "Sacagaga."* I took it to mean that he should have gotten a quarter or some lesser spawn of the mint in change from our vending machine, but had instead received a one dollar windfall. He dashed back to the teen room. Seconds later, he was dashing back to the vending machine, dodgy-looking friend in tow.
I guessed that they were on their way to feed bills into the machine, get their snacks or candy or what-have-you, and expect to see an electroplated bonanza.
Sadly, the gods of the vending devices are just as fickle as the gods of the slots. In fact, there is reason to believe they may be the same gods. Long faces, clutched Doritos and muttered recrimination were all I saw or heard on their return trip. With any luck, that will keep them out of the casinos.

*Not to be confused with Lady Gaga, whose recordings, which I'm sure are the greatest things since at least T.Rex, we at DeskSlave Central dutifully purchase for our patrons' listening pleasure and edification.

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