Sunday, October 18, 2009

Captain! The Irony Meter is Redlining!

I was asked by a scruffy guy today to help him find his hold. He had gotten the phone call, but his book was not on the holds shelf. After determining that he knew where is was supposed to be, I went to a cart filled with recently checked in holds. Not there. To be on the safe side, and before I asked somebody in Circulation for help, I decided to check the general area where it was supposed to be. It could have gotten shelved improperly, or somebody may have taken it off the shelf to look at it, and then jammed it back in the wrong spot. You never know. But there it was, exactly where it was supposed to be. We organize holds by patron's last name, so if you can spell your last name and alphabetize even a little bit, you should be able to find your hold. It was a big old thing, too, so I was kind of surprised he missed it. I handed it to him. He took it and without a word, walked away.

The subject of this book? Ironic drum roll, please.

Marijuana Cultivation

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