Friday, January 15, 2010

Thought Beams...Must...Resist...Thought Beams...

Every morning before we open, a crowd of people gathers at the front door, mostly waiting for their daily ration of Teh IntarWebs. I am seated directly across from this door and can feel a powerful wave of psychic energy emanating from those on the other side. (The other side of the door, I mean. Not the other side of this vale of tears. I’m not spiritually or psychically advanced, you see, so I’m sruprised I get the waves of impatience from the other side of the thin pane of glass at all, forget about other worlds. In fact, I used to work at this college that apparently had a LOT of ghosts on campus and certain rooms were said to be haunted to the point that people did not want to stay in them. I’ll admit that the place was a little creepy at night—it was situated on a bluff overlooking the ocean. It was often foggy and not terribly well lit at night, so spooky atmospherics were the order of the day. Or night. I lived on campus and would ask to be put in the spookiest/most haunted places. No matter how many nights I spent in places that were guaranteed to have been occupied by unhappy spirits, I never saw any apparitions or had any of the bizarrly vivid and horrible dreams people were said to have. Slept like the dead, if you will, but in a more positive way.) I try to avoid looking up when I’m logging on to the computer and checking emails and doing all of the little quotidian things one must do to get ready for the day, since it will only get me a dozen or so pairs of eyes drilling into me, willing me to GETUP and OPENTHEDOOR.

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