Friday, August 13, 2010

I Think I've Heard of that Guy

Phone caller: I need to see if you have a book.
Me: OK, what’s the book?
Phone caller: The book is Kill the Mockingbird. The author is Hefferly.

For the record, I did not correct her, just grabbed the book off the shelf and stuck it on the holds shelf.

In related news, a colleague swears the following is true:

A young woman walked up to the desk and asked to speak to Lisa. She was assured that no Lisas worked at the reference desk. It turned out that she had found Shanghai Girls in the catalog and the call number for it was "See, Lisa."


shushie said...

Classic titles with the wrong authors are always fun and confusing.

The other day I was verbally bludgeoned by an elderly lady who insisted Great Expectations was written by Billy Graham - ??? What and why?

DeskSlave said...

Great Expectations? I figured everyone would know it was written by Emily Dickens! Billy Graham, Sailor was written by Herbert Melville, by the way. Trust me--I majored in English for almost a whole semester.

Annie said...

I was asked, by a kid, for The pirate whose mother was a man, and I very straight-faced retrieved The man whose mother was a pirate.