Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh, Those Patrons--Always Teaching, Always Helpful

The town I work for is not that big, but the deep chasms and lack of info flow between departments would make you think that it's a giant city. In the Soviet Union. Case in point: each summer in the big city park, there is a free concert series. Very nice, bring a picnic dinner, lounge around and listen to music while the kids run around and yell on the nearby play structure. Summer is pretty much shot, and we have received no information from Parks about the series and calls to them go right to voicemail.
Today I was asked for a concert schedule. Even though I was confident that no flyers or calendars or posters or anything else helpful had been dropped off today, I went through the kabuki dance of taking the older couple over to the bulletin board and the free literature dumping ground area and looking.
After that, I went back to the desk to check the Parks department website to see if they have updated their website since Christmas. Not a chance. I called...right to voicemail. I then went to the city's main site to see if they had anything. Nope. After typing away for a moment, the man stepped forward and said with a scowl and a knowing air, "Here's what you do: go to google and type in townname* and concert. It should come right up." It really did make my day.

* The town has a namesake in at least seven other states, and most of them are much larger, so it was an even sillier suggestion than it sounds.


shushie said...

Whenever I'm helping someone who gives me the "Why don't you just Google it, duh!" response it always makes me want to help them more. Like help them into oncoming traffic.

DeskSlave said...

Or maybe into the next incarnation.