Saturday, September 11, 2010

Do You Work Here? Part 4

It's never a good sign when you're sitting at the Deskslave Desk with the large Information sign in plain view, wearing a nametag that identifies you by name and informs even the most casual passerby as a member of the Library staff to have someone ask you if you work here.

It's also not a good sign when the questioner has gigantic cockeyed glasses and a fanny pack, but those are just personal prejudices.

After flinching and recoiling, I gave her my stock answer.* I was summoned over to a wall display of old photos of our area. I was informed that several of the pictures were not hung evenly, which struck me as odd, given the condition of her eyewear. She also claimed that one of the captions was incorrect. I quickly deployed my Rhodia No. 11 pad

and trusty Pilot G2 .07 gel pen

(which are, incidentally, the official little pad and retractable pen of the DeskSlave Multiverse)

I selected a fresh page, where I dutifully jotted down her comments. I can't imagine who I'd give them to, though. So back into my shirt pocket they go.

* Which is "yes," not "only when I have to."

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