Thursday, September 16, 2010

That guy with the face tattoos

The guy with the face tattoos using the Entreweb computer reminded me of a line by Dana Gould.

“You rarely see a guy with a lot of face tattoos hired in the planning department.”

Gould is a comedian who twitters a zinger nearly every day. More at


shushie said...

I used to fill-in Sunday shifts at a library branch that, for some reason, employed a library page with religious text and Greek alphabet letters either tattooed or drawn all over his face. Not staring became a feat of strength.

DeskSlave said...

I hope they were tattooed and not drawn. Drawing would reflect a lack of commitment. Or mental illness. Or the fact that pages don't get paid nearly as much as they should.

Liz said...

Thx for the pointer to Dana Gould - his was a mind made for Twitter. (big fan of his back in my days in SF.) And, yah, I don't get tattoos