Saturday, October 16, 2010

I must have been feeling giddy

I had been at the desk all the live-long day. A very busy Saturday and I was ready to go home. The young hetero couple in their early twenties walked up to the desk.
"There's this book I want," said she.
"OK..." That was me.
"I don't know the author."
"That's OK," I enthused unenthusiastically, "I can use the title."
"Ummmm...I'm not sure of that, either."
"That's OK," I said, perking up, "I'll use my psychic librarian abilities."
I pressed a few fingers to each temple and closed my eyes in deep concentration. I looked up dramatically.
"Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins."
"Hah!" said the guy. "That's the book I told her she should read!"
She wasn't interested in that one, by the way. She gave me a few details and we got it worked out. See if you can guess. If this was Jeopardy, it'd be in the $100 question slot: Vampires. Teens. Nowheresville, Washington. They made a movie. Guessed it yet? Of course you did.

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