Monday, July 25, 2011

deskslave's Head Explodes, Cognitive Dissonance Edition

Nice dad, two nice kids of about 6 and 8. Very nice transaction, help the boy find books about dinosaurs. Sign the kids up for summer reading, get them all jazzed up about their prize book. Everything would have been fine, I think, except for one thing. The dad (nice guy, as I think I mentioned) has on a black T-shirt with "I Support Single Mothers" in metalic silver writing on it. So far so good. Below that is a drawing in the same ink of a stripper humping the pole. Thanks, Dad!


Melinda said...

That would have been an awesome pic for one of those parenting fails sites lol. Not that one could have been taken in the situation.

shushie said...

Ewww :(

Stuff like that really ruins the actual positive moments. I'm one of those people who tells myself not to stare at it either, but spend the whole time taking glances at the inappropriate image/text/clothing item or lack there of, so that I look like the weirdo.