Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh, the Humanity! Part Six Thousand or so

I was summoned to the self-serve Introwebs computers by a grumpy woman who was approximately as old as me. I'm at a curious divide. I did not grow up using computers and they didn't even enter the workplace until I was well into my twenties. There are people my age who never really learned to type, let alone use a computer. So when I see somebody my age at a computer, I give it about a fifty percent chance they will not know something from this:

There was an annoying popup on her screen. Hammering the various buttons on the popup did not make it go away. I know this because she demonstrated this fact by hammering on the buttons for my benefit. I noticed that the popup was in front of Farmville, but appeared to have nothing to do with it. I suggested that she try another computer.

"I already tried that!"

I offered to restart the computer.

"I already did that!" she said, admitting to a violation of the terms of service that she agreed to when she signed in.

"Well, that's about all I can do." I imagined that there was some Flash or other upgrade that needed to take place, but the IT department would have my head on a stick if I messed with a computer like that.

"Then HOW am I supposed to get my work done?" she demanded to know, gesturing toward the monitor, which, I think I may have mentioned, Farmville was on. I'm quite certain that she was only going to be on Farmville for a minute and then get right into her investments and writing her novel.


beth said...

holy smokes - I didn't know Shinola was shoe polish! This makes soooo much sense. thank you for spreading enlightenment :)

DeskSlave said...

I'm here to help, Beth. Any other odd phrases you need help with, you let me know!

Majid Ali said...
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