Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Me And My Faulty Memory

I helped a guy look up several books. We didn‘t have one of them, so I went through the whole Interlibrary Loan process. I always check to make sure that we have the correct patron information. I hate it when we go through all the trouble of getting a book from far away and we have the wrong phone number or email address The item languishes on the holds shelf for a week or two and then gets sent back home. Within minutes of the mail truck trundling out of the parking lot, the patron appears and is none too happy. So I go through it all, including his email. He had one of those ridiculous addresses that may have seemed clever or funny when he first thought it up in high school, but now makes him look like a tool (we're talking "ninjapornstar1982@yahoo.com" level of wit here). The patron was brusque about the whole thing, maybe a little annoyed with me, but not overly so.

A half hour later, he was back to sign up for a class. To sign up for a class, we just want your name and email address.  I asked for his name, and was given it peevishly. I asked for his email address and burst out, “I already told you!!”

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