Thursday, April 26, 2012

Something I Learned Today

I helped a patron re-find this story. He'd read it a few weeks back and was very interested in reading it again. In case you don't care to take a look, an MIT professor is predicting a worldwide economic collapse in 2030. The really amazing thing about it, he told me after I fished it out of the printer for him and handed it over, was that after he read the article, he began to do some Very Serious reading of the Bible, particularly and unsurprisingly the Book of Revelations. You're not going to believe this: according to his most recent calculations the world is going to end right around 2030! I know, pretty amazing, isn't it? So maybe the MIT dude is on to something since the Bible is backing him up and all.

I was trapped behind the desk while this guy nattered away. I let my mind drift, practically hoping that somebody would walk up with a genealogy question.

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