Sunday, March 28, 2010

Are you sure you need a wumpus?

I was quite certain that he told me needed wumpus. I asked him to repeat...he did speak very softly. After quite a bit of back and forth with me asking questions, and him repeating at the exact same low volume that he wanted wumpus, it finally hit me: he needed "one pass." Which is to say a guest pass to use the IntarWebz. Needless to say, he looked at me like I was an idiot, which, in a way, I guess I was.


shushie said...

Today I went several rounds back and forth with a child who sounded as if she was looking for a book called "Elvinhoes." After getting her to write it down, I saw she wanted "Calvin and Hobbs." Both the girl and her mother looked at me like I was mad, but like you, I suppose I looked like the crazy one since I kept repeating "Elvinhoes?"

Brendan said...

oh man! Today I spent 5 minutes furiously trying to find a "Hum Along" video for this woman and her child. "A video you can hum along to?" "No." "Is it a series?" "Yes." After said 5 minutes of agony, I came to the realization that she needed Home Alone.

Dances With Keyboards said...

Was he 13? Somehow it seems that 13 year old boys cannot speak above sotto voce, even though you ask them to speak louder. Now I KNOW that there is nothing wrong with my hearing.