Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's Play a New Game Called "Which is Ickier"

1) Somebody leaving their can of off-brand mixed nuts on the floor in the bathroom stall;

2) Somebody taking the can up to the deskslave to put in the Lost & Found.


shushie said...

Let's just hope that person didn't snack on any of those found nuts on the way to your desk. Ew!

einsteindisguisedasrobinhood said...

That is about as bad when used women's panties were found in the computer lab at my library. The poor unsuspecting fellow picked them up mistaking them for a scarf or and turned to the lady in the next terminal and said "Excuse me miss, are these yours" the woman was horrified.

Cherie Rainwater said...

We were laughing about this at work the other day. Everyone loves your posts. :)