Thursday, July 29, 2010

No, Not THAT Kind of Hummer

The lady browsing over at the new books who has been humming tunelessly for the last 10 minutes. Would throwing a stapler be mean?


Dances With Keyboards said...

If you can throw stuff at a hummer, may I just go ahead and SHOOT a WHISTLER? In the lips?

DeskSlave said...

Absolutely. I fantasize about the Reference Taser. And the Reference pellet gun.

Dances With Keyboards said...

At my last library, we had a fake "patron remote." It had, among other obnoxious buttons, a baby mute, and a trap door,
It was a humorous stress-reliever that the customers never knew about.

The patron remote disappeared (I assumed that management didn't care for it). Years later, one of those management types - who had moved on to another system (as did I) - sent me a picture of the remote. Apparently he'd lifted it - and enhanced it with a stretched out paper clip antenna, making it "wi-fi" compatible.