Saturday, July 3, 2010

Where are the What?

It can be a bit confusing for people coming in to use the public Intarwebz computers for the first time. I'm used to the same questions that I do manage to answer in a way that I hope does not betray the fact that I have answered them a million times. But today I was asked where the Macs were. It took me a second. "The what?"
Raised eyebrows, tilted head, slightly singsong special-needs speed speech. "The Macs?"
But, reader, I was kind. I did not go with "probably at the fancy private college you went to," but rather with, "Uhhhh...these are all Windows."
The head tilted to a new axis and the eyebrows, still raised, were reconfigured. "You. Don't. Have. Macs."
Again, reader, I was good. I refrained from "That's right. And we don't have a margarita machine, either." I went with "That's right, we don't."
"Why. Don't. You. Have. Macs."
"I don't do the IT budget, but I imagine it has to do with cost and the ability to support them."
"But they're so much better."
"Maybe so, but..." I didn't want to argue. Or rather, I did want to argue, but knew it'd be pointless. I fished around in the desk looking for the business card of somebody up the chain who dealt with computers or the public. I found one that was close enough and tried to give it to the woman, but she had decided to leave in disgust instead.

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