Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's All My Fault, Part 367

I was summoned to a computer in the teen room. A screen was pointed at. It appeared to be an attempted gmail account recreation of someone, perhaps the young woman who summoned me. I guess that Google now texts the would be gmailer an activation code to start the new account. I explained this to her, pointing to the phone number and telling her that the text looked like it had been sent there. I got a blank stare. I tried again, asking questions to make sure she was the person who filled out the form, etc.
A young man, whom I took to be her brother or maybe boyfriend, or perhaps just an interested observer, fixed me with a practiced sneer and a somewhat outraged look.
"When I set up my account, it didn't ask me for no activation thingie."
I recommended that he contact Google and take up the injustice with them, since I had nothing to do with account creation at Google.

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