Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's All My Fault, Parts 368-411

The wireless is down here at DeskSlave Central. The crack IT team was immediately informed of this and has, no doubt, been zealously working in teams around the clock to make sure the good citizenry are not deprived of their single carrier direct-sequence spread spectrum radio signals. Being good librarians, we have pasted the joint with colorful signs, alerting readers to the lack of WiFi-itude. I'd say that 50% of inquiries at the DeskSlave Desk have had to do with this. Half fall under the well-meaning, confused or outraged informing me that they could get no wireless. (One even peeking around the largish "Hey we don't got no WiFi" sign to do so.) Half are inquiries regarding the exact time service will be restored. Some folks are taking it well, but others are clearly having a hard time getting their heads around the idea that they might not be able to surf the web* from the comfort of their laptops in the hushed and pleasantly temperature-controlled DeskSlave Central.
A particularly happy young man just asked me when I was going to turn the wireless back on, like there was a switch back in Technical Services that I flipped off to deprive him personally of wireless signal.

* The always interesting Shushie pointed out that BusinessWeek thinks that the phrase "Surf the Internet" is as outdated DooWop music, but I'm an old codger, so I'll still use it. At least I didn't say that they might not be able to get on to the onramp of the Information SuperHighway, or InfoBahn, as you young people call it.

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shushie said...

Thanks for the shout out ;)
What I wouldn't give for an on/off switch for the wireless (or the public internet stations for that matter), though I might be tempted to use its power for evil. There's nothing like asking someone for a third time to stop looking at Craigslist because the library closed five minutes ago.