Monday, September 21, 2009

Though it is not my fault...

Recently, we* moved our DVD collection to a new spot. (Civilians often think we hide stuff from them to either make them feel bad or perhaps to give ourselves job security. But really, there is typically a perfectly good reason to move stuff around. I swear.) The old spot was 11 feet behind and to the left of me. The new spot is 8 fee to the left in front of me. "Where are the movies?" has been a frequent question since we opened the new library, though it has been trailing off lately. Until the move. The move was a good idea, there is more room for people to browse. But until that sinks in, the questions have come back. Which I don't mind. I like them better than all those questions that I can't answer. However, there are a few ways the question is expressed that I don't care for. One is the accusatory, as in, "Why did you get rid of your DVDs?" (Trust me, I'd like to do that.) Like we would one day decide to chuck tens of thousands of dollars of high-circ material!

*by we, I mean, of course, other people.

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