Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Public Internet Jeopardy

Answer: When the deskslave was designing Microsoft Word 2007, he decided to remove all the useful commands from the menus and stick them in various ribbons where their graphical representations would be far from obvious to most. He also removed Microsoft Mindreader which would figure out what the user wanted and make it look all purty, just like that. It's the deskslave's fault and you may abuse him for it.

Question: What is, "Why can't I find any of the commands in Word and why doesn't the program automatically intuit what put the type in single space Georgia 12 point when I start typing and who can I demonize and hate for this?"

Alex Trebek:

Lady on Internet Computer #14: I'd like Things That are the Fault of the Mild-Mannered Middle-Aged Guy Over There and For Which I am Incredibly Angry for 400, please, Alex.

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shushie said...

As a public servant, nothing gives me more pleasure than removing Microsoft Mindreader from the computers!