Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Angry Senior Male

Angry Senior Male
A play in one scene
CAST (in order of importance in universe):
Angry senior male
Timid librarian

Scene opens with the timid librarian putting paper in temperamental copier. Angry Senior Male enters from right carrying two carved and painted wooden salmon.

Timid Librarian. Compliment of carved fishies.
Angry Senior Male. Outraged expressed at having to wait for library to open.
Timid Librarian. Apology for inconvenience, attention drawn to library hours which have remained unchanged for years.
Angry Senior Male. Demand to know where our glass display for fishies his fishy carving club display each year at this time.
Timid Librarian. Polite explanation that case was in old library. Observation that library is in temporary location with limited space, ergo no case, ergo no nice fishies behind glass.
Angry Senior Male (Condescending, slightly malevolent). Claim that, since they put fish in case EVERY year at this time since the carved species was still evolving, that case somehow materialize before him.
Timid Librarian. Allusion to laws of physics and probability couched in soothing tones.
Angry Senior Male. Speculation (unfounded) about librarian's mental health and intelligence.

Angry Senior Male exit.


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RedHotKnitter said...

I'm not sure anyone has ever referred to me as 'timid' before!