Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's me or the cell phone - you can't have both

The rudeness of some people ASTOUNDS me sometimes. I was helping a guy find a book this morning. I left him browsing the shelves while I went and did a quick catalog search at the reference desk, 20 feet away. I heard his cell phone ring, and he answered it. When I went back to the stacks with the information from the catalog, I indicated that he couldn’t use his phone in the library. Yet he continued to talk leisurely for another two minutes, standing there unhelpfully, watching me while I tried to "help him" find a book. He did not apologize when he got off the phone.

DO NOT come to me for help and then have a phone conversation with somebody. That is unless you have suddenly decided you no longer need my help, because that kind of behavior certainly indicates that you have ceased to care about finding the book you came here for.

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aikenhead said...

Amen Sistah! In terms of annoyance, that's right in front of when people call and then ask you to hold because they have to talk to somebody else.