Friday, August 10, 2007

Old story, first post

I feel jealous because I haven't had any interesting reference interactions lately. Perhaps because I haven't been on the desk too much of late. So I'm going to write of an incident that occurred during my first month as a librarian in a library that shall remain unnamed.

I was working at the children's reference desk of said unsaid library when one of the adult reference librarians came up to me in an agitated state. She said, "xxx, where do you keep your Joy of Sex for children". Excuse me? My what? Huh? So I had to do a reference interview with the reference librarian in order to figure out what it was she was looking for. Turns out she was helping a couple that was getting married and they were both mentally disabled. They needed a book on marital relations written at a level they could understand. I explained to her that I thought the original version of Joy of Sex would work just fine, seeing as it had a lot of pictures. We also found some anatomy books that explained where babies came from for them as well. What a day.

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aikenhead said...

I bet right wingers would be so happy if there were such a book as The Joy of Sex for Children since they would have such a fulfilling time trying to get it banned.