Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Supply Seargent

What's that? Oh, you'd like a piece of paper? Sure, here you go. Oh, and a pencil? Of course, here you are. Hmmm? You need to borrow a dime for the copier. Sure, here, what's a dime? And some white out? I think I have some white out here somewhere. Oh yes, here it is. Please bring it back when you're finished. Three hole punch? Umm...I think there's one somewhere in the back office. Let me take your papers and I'll see what I can do. There you go. A floppy disk? Yes, we sell them for fifty cents. Oh, silly me, I should have known. You don't have fifty cents and you just want to borrow one for a minute and you'll bring it right back. Before you go, here's the tape and a stapler. No, no...just take it. I'm sure you'll need it later, so let's get it over with now. You know, we have a little stash of candy in the desk drawer here. Would you like a York mint patty? No? What's that you say? My soul? Oh no, no, you can't have that. I can see that you are trying to rip it from my very being, but you're going to have to try a lot harder than that.


aikenhead said...

I used to work at a Community College library that had a strict No Giving Out ANYTHING rule. Not a staple or a paper clip. Not even a tissue. The official policy was to direct them to the college's bookstore. Sadly, I mostly worked evenings after the bookstore was closed.

aikenhead said...

PS That didn't stop the students from asking, though. And asking. And asking. And demanding.