Tuesday, April 13, 2010

National Library Workers Day

Apparently it's a real thing--you can see it here:

They have a nifty logo too:

I think the exploding keyboard represents how much we hate public Internet computers. The sillhouettes are symbolic of the fact that we are merely faceless drones, humbly serving our masters. I hope they revamp the logo next year to have the exploding keyboard destroying the book. Not that I think that books will be replaced by computers any time soon, I just think it would be neat. And have the library workers look more like ninjas.

As you might imagine, we're still cleaning up after the festivities here at deskslave central. It wasn't very hard, actually since the festivities consisted of handing out buttons with the above logo to employees before we opened. I hope the buttons didn't cost too much, because they were very cheap. I refuse to wear any kind of button aside from the official library ID that has my name and handsome picture on it so that people can see that it's actually me, and not somebody who just looks like me with a different name. I really hate being a button billboard. Many years before library school I worked at Kinkos and we were covered with buttons advertising this and that. I kind of hoped that with an actual professional career I would not be a walking advertisement any more. So I stand up to the Man.

An informal poll at the end of the day of my coworkers revealed that those who wore the buttons got absolutely no comments or reactions or questions from any patrons.

How about you? Did you celebrate this holy day in any particular way?


shushie said...

Nope, we did nothing. I think last year there were some buttons.

Maybe the exploding keyboard is actually the picture of a large ice tray -- as in library workers need lots of chilled klinky-klink beverages in order to serve you?

Brendan said...

I was lucky enough to get a geranium from Tigard.