Monday, April 12, 2010

Some Copier Questions for You

If you walked up to a copier and wanted to make a copy, would you lift the cover?

If you lifted the cover, would you put the paper in the center of the glass? Lower right corner? Upper left corner where the red arrow is?

If there was a large green button that says START on it and you wanted the copier to START, would you push it?

There is a metal box next to the copier. It has a sign on it. The sign, in large letters, proclaims PAY HERE. Do you pay there?

These all happened today. I kept waiting for people to admit that it was a joke. Sadly, they were serious. And one person left their tax forms on the glass, which is only the first time this year.

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shushie said...

We have constant problems with people not knowing where to put their document on the glass (including putting things face down) or where to put their money. This results with upset people who end up with blank or cut off copies or frustrated users who think the copier is free and won't understand why it won't copy when they press start, though the green button flashes "insert money first."

I can only accept these things by lying to myself: these people have been trapped in someone's basement or on an island for the past 20 years...