Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Word

At least to me. That little, heavy, metal object you use to die cut a few holes in your paper? Punch holer. Just learned that.


nicholas said...

Sounds like a character in a pulp western.

"Punch Holer's gaze followed the length of the fence line, all the way to the box canyon. He didn't speak, but the set of his jaw and his calloused, workingman's hands told the story. He's a boilerplate character in a pulp western novel.

shushie said...

To me it sounds like a occupation related to construction. I picture a want ad:

WANTED: Punch Holer.
Exciting career opportunity for a licensed Punch Holer to join one of the region’s fastest growing companies. The incumbent will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Punch Holer.

Duties: Ensure employee compliance with safety and quality control of Punch Holer.
Qualifications: complete assessment and evaluation of motor skills/sensory functioning; must have completed Punch Holer apprenticeship.
Skills: Must demonstrate, through practice, knowledge of normal and abnormal motor skills with Punch Holer.

DeskSlave said...

Wow! I like them both! Punch Holer was the sidekick of the legendary western Paladin named Earphone Jack. "Grampa, tell me about Earphone Jack!" "Well, sonny, he rode into town with Punch and together they corrected the audio quality in the personal electronics for all the folk in nigh twenty mile. We ain't never even had a chance to thank him, neither."

DeskSlave said...

I think Punch Holer might be a job title in the logging industry where they already have Chain Bosses, Chasers and my favorite: Green Chain Pullers.

Brendan said...

You know, if I worked with Chuck Norris at the office, I would ask him for the punch holer, because if I asked for a three-hole punch, bad things would happen.

DeskSlave said...

I just saw a t-shirt with the Periodic Table on it. Only this one had a new element: Chucknorium. It has an atomic weight of 1000 and is such a dangerous element, it destroyed several other elements.