Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When Service Animals Attack

I have maintained many times that most of the mutts that people drag into deskslave central are not actual service animals, unless disobeying and making messes are considered services. Still, we are not allowed to question, just to tell people that pets are not permitted and then pretend we aren’t being lied to when we are told that Mutley is, in fact, trained to do something useful.

Today, two such creatures were in at the same time. One was at the circulation desk and the other 15 feet away waiting for its master to be done on facebook. Who knows who saw who first, but a regular donnybrook of barking started. Neither patron could possibly stop what they were doing to take their pooch outside, so we got to listen to the two dogs shout curses and threats until the patron at the circ counter was finished. I guess the part of the dogs’ training about stuff like obedience was skipped for some reason.

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